Bus Arrivals Announcement

BL LOGIC LED Display - depending on the user needs BusLogic display offers a variety of information displaying options, not only to passengers but also for employees within bus carriers and other companies. Currently BLLD is offered in several options: in the bus info display - internal and external, display for bus stations, outdoor bus stop display and mini display showing clock.

Bus Info Display

Bus displays are displays that are placed on the bus and there are two types of displays: internal and external display. Bus inner info display shows where the bus station is currently located as to where the next stop is going. Bus info external display shows the name and line number. All data displayed are taken from BusLogic Ticketing System and the line itself is automatically displayed based on the line that opens by driver on the device that is usedfor ticket sales - BusLogic Cash Terminal.

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Bus Station Display

The main purpose of the bus station display is to show departures from the central bus station. Information, including timetables taken from a BusLogic system schedules used in all other system components : cash registers, counters, booking system etc. BusLogic displays are made in LED technology with a very clear presentation of content, using LEDs with high durability and minimal power consumption. DL displays can show all the relevant information related to the departure and arrival of the vehicles , date , current temperature, and additional information retrieved from the BusLogic systems such as info about new lines or display advertising messages and images. The displays are mounted in a durable aluminium case of universal design and as such as all the environments, whether it is used indoors or on outside bus station or platform .

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Outdoor bus stop Display

Display for outdoor bus stops is intended for announcing the arrival of the bus to the station, it is also integrated into the BusLogic Ticketing system and thanks to the unique schedules , lines opened in the buses, and the exact position of the vehicle obtained with GPS tracking system - has the ability to display calculated arrival time relative to the current position of the bus stop

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