Fleet Management & Telemetry
- Dispatching Center -

Fleet management and telemetry represent systems and devices that can perform complete planning, implementation and control of all aspects of the vehicle and driver. From monitoring of the vehicle, its fuel consumption, utilization, planning vehicle to a complete dispatch center that provides complete planning and implementation of all the lines and departures. This system allows bus operators to have full control and all information related with there fleet.


Fleet management software includes Dispatcing Center that processes and displays all data collected from the devices on the vehicles. Dispatching Center provides planning and realization tools of the rides on all the lines and departures on the bus operators system.


DISPATCH MODULE - The product itself is designed and developed based on the experience and needs of the clients themselves (user of the system), and accordingly, it is very close to users, simple and easy to use. With its capabilities it provides insight and control of data related to the use of vehicle fleet, personnel and other resources of the company.

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BusLogic Vehicle Tracking and Telemetry Systems have been developed as a unique combination of hardware components specially designed for the automotive industry and smart software developed on the basis of years of experience in the field and in line with many end-user requirements.

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