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Buslogic Ticketing Systems

- An overall solution for bus operators -

Make each ride a great adventure for your passengers by providing the best service to passengers on your staff pleasure!

BusLogic Ticketing Systems

Buslogic Ticketing product line meets the requirements of transport companies and bus operators for an integreted solution of electronic collection system and GPS satellite tracking, including the basic telemetry data (speed, temperature, engine speed and fuel level). These data allowes the entire vehicle fleet tracking, providing the transport companies with a complete control on their vehicles and greater safety and comfort to the passengers and transported goods.

Bus Logic team offers a fully automated bus tickets cash sale process and electronic cards issuing and validation. Electronic cards payment and bus-passes issuance is carried out by various tools of Bus Logic production line. BusLogic ticketing systems are build on the basis of many years of exerinence in bus operators services software development and therefore designed to meet the needs of every transport company. BusLogic ticket sales system enables automated tickets and bus-passes sale in all the cases that one transport company may have (ticket sale on the bus, ticket sale outside the bus, bus station and office ticket sale, bus vending machines, etc.).

Autonomous ticket sale system 

Android App + Cloud system 


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