The main purpose of the bus station display is to show departures from the central bus station. Information, including timetables taken from a BusLogic system schedules used in all other system components : cash registers, counters, booking system etc. BusLogic displays are made in LED technology with a very clear presentation of content, using LEDs with high durability and minimal power consumption. DL displays can show all the relevant information related to the departure and arrival of the vehicles , date , current temperature, and additional information retrieved from the BusLogic systems such as info about new lines or display advertising messages and images. The displays are mounted in a durable aluminium case and they are resistant in each conditions in the environments, whether it is used indoors or on outside bus station or platform .

Additional opportunities to integrate DL display with the rest of the Bus Logic system if it si used with BusLogic GPS / GPRS modem: automatically download new routes, automated change of line based on entries in the BusLogic Cache Terminal, upgrade the firmware , download od advertising messages and images .


LED Display Amber (yellow) color.
24V power supply.
Power consumption: 25W max, depending on the external light.
Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ +70 ° C.
Storage temperature: -25 ° C ~ +80 ° C.
Resolution of 28 x 16 points with spacing of 10mm between points.
The angle of illumination at a temperature of 25 ° C and at a current of 20 mA per one LED:
horizontal 20 ½ H-H = 70 °, the vertical ½ V-20, V = 30 °
Communication: RF433MHz, RS232, RS485.
Automatic brightness control based on ambiental lights.
Real-time clock.
Internal SPI Flash memory for storing text and images (adds).
Supports UTF8 fonts.
Wire compatibility with BusLogic hub and BL GPS / GPRS modem via RS485.
Communication via DL Protocol.
Wireless compatibility with BusLogic terminal via a 433MHz RF..
Upgrade firmware over cable (RS232 or RS485.
Upgrade firmware over the air via a 433MHz RF.
Display dimensions 155,5 cm x 191 cm.


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12000, Serbia


+381 (12) 40-37-92
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