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Bus Booking Software - System
An overall solution for bus operators

Automatic - Automated Fare Collection System. Selling a ticket inside the bus, outside the bus at the bus station, or at your web site even at your Android Application.

Bus Booking & Selling System

Bus Logic presents fully automated bus ticket sale process as well as the automated fare collection services and sold tickets control (inspection) system. Entire Bus Logic system development is based on many years of exerinence gained in the direct collaboration with the bus operators. Therefore Bus Logic Bus Booking System meets the requirements of public transport service provders and other bus operators for an integreted ticketing solution with multiple features like Ticket sale on the bus, automated fare collection, GPS tracking and fleet management, bus ticket sale at the bus stations, web sites and other selling points including the tcket sale agencies.

 It consists of many independent modules (sub-systems). Designed by an experienced team and based on the business experience of various customers - bus operators, our ticketing system covers almost every possible operating process of bus operators and bus resellers. Each software part of the Bus Logic system can work independently, but also can be combined with other software parts in accordance with the specific needs of each client. This makes the system customization fast and easy as puzzle folding in order to create the best solution for the end-users need.

Regardless current features and functionality, Bus Logic Bus Booking Software or AFCS may be considered as never-ending project. It keeps growing and following the technological innovations in order to fulfill the clients demands.

Automated Fare Collection System by BusLogic

Automated Fare Collection System 2020

Bus Ticketing System - Fleet Management

Dispatch Center, Vehicle Tracking, Driver Payment

Bus Ticketing System - Passenger Information System

Passenger Information System (PIS)

Bus Ticketing System - Booking Sales

Online Ticket Sale, Bus Booking System

Our Best Selling Device

BusLogic Driver Console 2020

Fare Collection System - Bus Driver Console


1500+ Vehicles Equipped 

More than 1500 vehicles are using our top selling device for Fare Collection System inside the Bus Vehicles.


100+ Features

More than 100+ features - an option that we have implemented in this device in the past 13 years.


5 Levels of use

5 mainly modules - segments that we have split the use of this device.


50+ Companies

More than 50 companies around the world are using this device.

Important Notice

We are making changes from our old web site, from the equipment that we do not produce anymore, to the new equipment which we are producing and selling now in 2020. All products with tag 2020 are updated and ready for sale.

We are one of the unique Automated Fare Collection System companies which are based on the system with Android Platform and Cloud. Our Bus Booking Script is not Bus Booking System open-source but we are doing all development to our customers that they need. Some of our modules are also bus reservation software, bus reservation system and online bus ticket reservation system. 


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