BusLogic Driver Console 2020

BusLogic Driving Console 2020 is a device that is a product of many years of work of our development team. This product consists of a carefully selected device from the Shanghai manufacturer SUNMI, that in addition to its modern design, provides very reliable operation in the conditions they live inside the bus. In addition to the hardware, all further processes on this device are provided by the Android application produced in our company, which is the result of experience and development for more than 14 years.  

Device features and segments:

Segment 1 - BusLogic Ticket Sale Application


BusLogic Ticket Sale application is software that has been developed in our company for more than 14 years. It was written for the Android platform and is the result of many years of experience of our development team. Based on our experience so far, this application is best used with a SUNMI V2 PRO device. You can see the values ​​and purchase of this software (only software without devices and other equipment) at the following link: ONLINE STORE . You can see the functionality of the software and its levels in the following table. The implementation of the Driving Console is done exclusively by levels according to the "Step by Step" system.

BusLogic Prodaja Relacijskih Karata

Level 1 - Basic Level

- Sale of relational tickets in one direction.
- Sale of relational tickets in the return direction.
- Sale of discounted tickets.
- Sale of luggage tickets with records of serial numbers.
- Sale of other items previously defined by the administrator.
- Sale of multi-hour, daily or weekly paper tickets.
- Sale of tickets with an adequate number of seats, previously downloaded from the central server.
- Printing a report on the realized income of the driver or conductor.
- Issuance of reports for control staff.

BusLogic Elektronska Evidencija Karata

Level 2 - Electronic Maps

- Records of electronic plastic cards via Mifare & NXP card readers.
- Record electronic paper cards via QR bar code reader.
- Validation of classic monthly tickets.
- Validation of post paid and time electronic tickets.
- Validation and reduction of loans to read electronic wallets.
- Insight into the loan status and the correctness of the monthly ticket.
- Replenishment of credit to the passenger by the driver or conductor.
- Extension and payment of already issued monthly tickets for the next month of validity. 

BusLogic Sistem Informisanja Putnika

Level 3 - Passenger Information

- License to synchronize with the main server.
- Sending open line data to a central server.
- Sending open departure data to the central server.
- Info to the central server on the completion of the open line.
- Info to the central server on the completion of the open departure.

- In order for the central server to enable various passenger information devices to display adequate information, in addition to the driver's console and this license, it is necessary to have a GPS device inside the vehicle that is connected to the same central server. 

BusLogic Dispečerski Centar

Level 4 - Dispatch Center

- License for synchronization and connection with the module for the Dispatch Center.
- Sending information on the open line and departure to the dispatch center for staff insight in real time.
- Sending information about the vehicle and the driver performing the departure.
- Downloading and using circulation plates on the basis of which you can continue driving and opening departures.
- Download and display short messages received from the dispatcher.
- Response at the dispatch center via a system of predefined short messages.
- Sending information about the current number of passengers to the server.

BusLogic Green & Eko Driving

Nivo 5 - Green & Eko Driving

 License to activate this service in the application itself
- Display of aggressive acceleration and braking alarms on the driver's console screen.
- Alarm display of inadequate number of tachometers and proposed speed change
- Real-time consumption display.
- Alarm and recommendation of inadequate driving and excessive consumption.

- This option is still under development and will soon be available to all users who purchase this license or already have a full license for this device.

Segment 2 - BusLogic SUNMI V2 PRO


After many years of experience, we chose the Chinese manufacturer SUNMI as our home hardware supplier because it proved to be extremely high quality and correct. This manufacturer, in addition to quality hardware, also provides a stable Android operating system, and also, what is very important, it provides spare parts for all types of devices. This device (only a device without software and accessories), can be purchased independently through our web shop at the following address: ONLINE STORE

BusLogic Vozačka Konzola

Segment 3 - Driver Console Accessories

Other equipment

Optionally, the user can also purchase accessories for the driver's console. The accessories include three things. The first is the so-called plastic Cradle, which is an original factory holder with integrated charger contacts. Another thing is the BusLogic Power Supply which converts the bus 24V to 5V as much as it takes to charge the device. The third thing is the aluminum carrier with articulated balls, which enables the connection of the sash with the bus (plastic) next to the driver. These devices can be purchased separately (without software and hardware) at the following link: ONLINE STORE

BusLogic Sunmi Kridl

BusLogic Kridl - plastic bracket

Plastic bracket with contacts for charging SUNMI V2 PRO devices during operation and standing on the bracket. This sash has been redesigned by our service team and inside each there is a reinforcement made of neodymium magnets that allows a very stable position of the device on the sash itself without the possibility of falling out or moving. 

BusLogic 24V -> 12V Napajanje

BusLogic Power supply 24V -> 5V

Power supply specially made by the BusLogic service team that allows converting 24V or 12V from the bus battery to a stable 5V as needed to charge the Sunmi V2 Pro device. The device is easy to connect or replace because all connections are made via plastic connectors. 

BusLogic RAM aluminijumski nosač

RAM Aluminum bracket

Aluminum bracket that is screwed into the sash on one side and into the plastic base of the bus on the other side, next to the driver. This bracket can also be screwed into the bar on the side or onto a third already made bracket-platform. This part has two joints with the help of which allows the spherical movement of the entire carrier.

Video presentation of the device:


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