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BusLogic Ticket Counter Module

BusLogic Counter module - BLCM is application designed to run on most operating systems (Windows, Linux , Android) . The main purpose of the application is the sale of multiple types of relational tickets and adding credit to electronic cards/tickets. This software module functions with two BusLogicdevices : BusLogic thermal printer and BusLogic UFR reader.BusLogic Thermal printer is use to print ticketc in Counter Modul. Tickets are printed on thermal paper width 57mm, which in itself already has the appropriate re-printing with name and logo of the company. Tickets are pre-perforated so that there is the possibility of printing the main part of the ticket and coupons. UFR Mifare reader is use for user (tellers) log-in to Counter Modul . With this only users who have already pre-made Mifare card can use Counter module.

Through the Internet connection BLCM donloads all the necessary information from dedicated BL server and sends back all the reports on the sale of tickets . Ticket sales are independent of the Internet connection , which means that although there is no connection to the central server , BLCM remains functional. Information about available seats on certain routes and departures on the user's request can be shared with all other users of this electronic ticket sale systems like portal, Android tickets sale on the buses, Ticket sales over the BusLogic Terminal ( by the driver ), and Booking applications for travel agencies. This module was developed in over 5 years and is updated daily based on the new requirements of the bus carriers. It is fully compatible with BusLogic Ticketing system from which assumes all the information about the lines , pricing , departures , transport operators , etc.



Downloading the primary data from the BL server via the Internet ( price lists, timetables, prices exeptions, rebates and other information required for operation).
Bus drivers log on to system with MIFARE personalized ID cards.
Sale of tickets in one direction and return tickets sale. Ticket sales up to a year in advance
Ability to change the starting point depending on whether it is a regular ticket sale or sale of intermediate ticket.
Multiple ticket sales - selling more tickets for the desired departure at once.
Automatic money change calculation before and after the sale of tickets.

Tickets booking:


Many types of reservation: Telephone booking , Personal paid and unpaid reservation, The ocial reservations , Internet booking and so on.
Multiple reservations - the possibility of booking more tickets at once for one passenger.
Review of reservations by the name of passengers, the ID number of passengers or the unique ID number of the reservation. View all the reservations for a specic departure.
Manually cancel the reservation. Verication of a return ticket through the reservation.
Automatic calculation of price of tickets and booking rates.
Automatically cancel reservations if the ticket is not sold in the certain period of time prior to departure.
Verification of return tickets - option that verifies the return ticket and reserves a seat for passenger with a valid return ticket.
Multi-verification of return ticket: verification of several return tickets for a particular departure.
Sale of other items: Sale of all other products and other tickets/cards in addition to standard travel tickets: bus station tickets, timetables, various coupons and so on. 

Tariffing the tickets:


Charging tickets with percent discount. Charging of tickets at a xed price - exception. The ability to pin down ticket price for a specifc rate on a specific route.
Ability to ban the sale of tickets : options which allows banning sales of tickets for some relations,certain tarifs or directions.
Input of the required information regarding ticket sales . The option is used to enter the required information when selling Tarifed tickets like: ID numbers of students, other passenger identifcation numbers, etc. 

Time Tables:


Standard schedules , holiday schedules , alternating schedules.
Ability to create and apply various interconnected timetables in case that the bus carrier drives the same line every other day, month or a weekend. 

Reports and Settings:


Report of the line - line statement. Manufacturing and printing of reports - line statements for their own and long distance departures with details about: nuber of tickets sold, value of tickets sold and list of tickets sold for each bus station separately.
Print reports of financial debt by registered driver - operator.
Automatic and manual start of synchronizing data to a central server.
Flexible adjustment of cards/tickets printing.
A large number of options for printing tickets.
Wide range of printable tickets, depending on whether the card is used in the domestic or international trafic. Different printout, depending on whether the ticket is sold for the domestic or foreign bus carriers , and so on ..
A large number of reports related to work of the ticket sale counter by various parameters : sales, prices, stations , seat reservations , the number of passengers, etc.
Replacement of Departure - options for quick and easy replacement of departures and the carriers. If one of the carriers in cooperation abandons dedicated departure for one or more days, departure is assigned to another carrier.
The available information how long is the journey and the time when the bus arrives at the destination.
QR bar-code printing on each classic or return ticket. This code is later read with the Controllers application or other various readers with other applications.
Online replacement of dedicated software versions.
Ability to reserve certain number of seats that are not sold - in advance.
A large number of options for input and change of the seat numbers: by the line, day or the departure. 


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