Fleet Management
- Software -

Fleet management is a system that is divided into two parts: Hardware and Software. The hardware refers to devices that are built into the vehicle itself and have the role of integrating all the data needed for the successful operation of the complete system. The software contains a Dispatching Center that processes and displays all the data collected on the field. The entire planning and realization of all lines and departures can be realized by this Dispatching Center Software.


DISPATCHING MODULE (Center) is one of the products of BUS LOGIC Ltd, whose modern approach is aimed at facilitating, accelerating and modernizing the work of transport companies. The product itself is designed and developed on the experiences and needs of the clients themselves (system users), and accordingly, it is very user friendly, easy and easy to use. With its capabilities it offers insight and control of data related to the utilization of vehicle fleet, personnel and other resources of the company. Dispatching Module is designed with precise details and a large number of options, and through various reports and displays provides all the necessary data for a modern way of organizing traffic. Some of the advantages offered by this product include tracking a host of real-time data and alarms, all for the sake of timely regaining to avoid unwanted situations and improve services, then storing data electronically, and quickly searching archives as well as ease of reporting. Statistical data that can be generated in this module provides companies with an extremely powerful tool with which they will organize and improve their business for their own and for the benefit of all users of their services. The dispatching module is characterized by the ease of access for which only an Internet connection and a personal computer is needed, high speed of operation and processing of a large number of data, a variety of reports, security that is reflected in creating all backup databases, and access to all information from the moment the system is put into operation .


¤ Large number of settings and filters (Through numerous settings and filters, the system gives the user exceptional flexibility when displaying data, searching and generating reports, thus reaching targeted and grouped data in the short term.)
¤ Planning capability (Allows detailed planning of fleet and staff operations, overview of utilization, rapid changes and issuance of travel orders.)
¤ Realization (enables detailed overview, processing and analysis of each individual departure, overview of deviations, overrun speeds, quick spotting of actual realization in relation to the planned mode of operation, monitoring of telemetry and consequently the behavior of the driver in relation to the set norms, fuel oil, oil and additives, inspection of exploitation cards, entry of remarks by the driver, entry of traffic accidents and other events.)
¤ Real-time vehicle tracking (allows tracking of the complete schedule of the vehicle fleet, a review of the current location, speed, telemetry, driver information, line, as well as an overview of the number of passengers currently in the vehicle, which can also inspect the vehicle's load and load lines and all in real time and with real data.)
¤ Various types of Alarms (allows tracking of various parameters related to the way the vehicle is handled and the maintenance of the signals with real time signaling. It also provides a warning for expiration of documents (driving licenses, medical examinations, technical inspections, traffic permits ...) as well as signaling for regular services rolling stock).
¤ Large number of analyzes and reports (Users are available various types of reports and analyzes related to rolling stock, driving modes, fuel consumption, number of passengers, mileage reports, time spent at work classified by code, as well as many other useful reports that in large Measures can help future planning, organization and better distribution of enterprise resources.)
¤ The ability to archive (store) documentation and easily access any data from the moment the system is installed and put into operation.


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