Buslogic Ticketing Systems

Buslogic Ticketing meet the requirements of transport companies and Bus carriers, which were vital for uniting systems of Electronic Fare Collection and GPS satellite tracking of vehicles, additionaly monitoring basic telemetry data such as speed, temperature, engine RPM and fuel level. Based on that data it is possible to monitor the entire fleet of vehicles, allowing transport companies to fully control its vehicles and provide greater safety and comfort for its passengers and transported goods.

D-Logic team offers for current and future customers a fully integrated process of electronic cards payment and ticketing. Electronic cards payment and ticketing is done with the use of devices for ticket sales that are deliberately designed and manufactured by D-Logic team. BusLogic devices for ticket sales are designed to meet all the needs of a transportation company. With BusLogic ticketing systems enabled electronic sales and payment cards in all variants that a transportation company may have, such as the sale of tickets on the bus, ticket sales outside the bus, counter sales for bus tickets, vending machines for selling bus tickets and etc.