BusLogic Concentrator

You can think ofa BLC as a minicomputer for the vehicle. This minicomputer is different because it is based on microcontroller technology – it does not have vibration-sensitive components (such as standard hard drives with moving parts) nor the need for cooling.The BLC is designed for automotive use and accordingly has a wide temperature range as well as resistance to moisture. The BLC has a D-Logic Operating System developed by D-Logic, which allows stability in firmware execution.

BusLogic devices in the vehicle:BusLogic Cash Terminal,BusLogic Contactless Reader,BusLogic GPS/GPRS Module andBusLogic I/O Module.The BLC allows communications between all devices. One ofthe characteristics is the ability to collect the latest software (firmware) upgrades for all BL devices over the BLM module from the central server, and, hence, program them, upgrading their firmware. This allows so-called online update for all devices in the vehicle, which means that any upgrade program can be downloaded in the vehicle while it is in motion at home or abroad

The BLC allows all devices to access the central server via the BLM module.The BLC in vehicles such as buses resolves the entire system of monthly tickets via geographic coordinates. This device can store all information about the codes of stations, their geographical locations, all bus routes and stations within them. According to these information the device transmits data concerning the current bus routes, stations and the direction of vehicle’s motion to the BusLogic Contactless Readers (BLCR) and BusLogic Cache Terminal (BLCT).The BLCT has the ability to automatically change the stations on the specified routes.The BLC also allows automatic operation of monthly ID card without BusLogic Cash Terminal, which means that the monthly ticket system can work without the human factor. Thanks to that, the BLC has the ability to send the names of stations and other information to an external display. .


  • DLOS D-Logic real time operating system.
  • Capability to update all BL devices (online software changes made on devices).
  • Upgradeable operating system and the executable of the BLC via the Internet (Online firmware change).
  • Supported by a special protocol through which the BLC is able to directly access the server via BLM Module.
  • Supported by a special protocol through which the BLC is able to get current GPS coordinates from BLM Module.
  • Supported analysis of GPS coordinates and transmitting processed data to the BLCT and BLCR modules.
  • Supported communication with the BL l/O module.
  • Supported communication with BLCT - BusLogic Cash Terminal.
  • Supported communication with BLCR - BusLogic Contactless Reader.
  • RS485 RJ45 modem connector.
  • RJ45 RS485 connector.
  • RJ45 RSz32/RS485 Display Connector.
  • Operating voltage of 12V-30v.
  • Protection against voltage greater than 30V
  • Operating temperature from -30° C to +85° C.
  • D-LOGIC housing made out of self-extinguishing ABS plastic.
  • RSO certified.
  • The device developed and produced in Serbia by the D-LOGIC team.
BusLogic Concentrator