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Station Barriers For Passengers

Bus Logic Barriers for passengers represent a complex set of mechanics and electronics, which together allow control of entry-exit passengers at the bus station or other facility. Barrier is controlled by a special electronic system developed by Bus Logic, which among other things allows their activation with the help of the built-in Mifare / NFC reader or QR Barcode reader. It is enough that a passenger in a designated place lean proper contactless card, printed bus or platform ticket and barriers will enable him passage.

BusLogic Barriers


Bus Logic produces two barrier types designed for access control: the classic three-pointed lower barrier which represents the standard for access to platforms of bus stations and supporting facilities and high barrier (hight of grown man) that absolutely prevents any unauthorized access even when there are no employees nearby. Both barriers are characterized by advanced mechanical solutions combined with the high quality materials used for manufacturing, providing easy and reliable operation and long life.

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Buslogic QR Code Reader


Specially designed QR reader able to operate in a sunny environment (bus stations or platforms in the open). QR Reader is also able to read QR Codes printed on thin thermal paper with low print quality. Thanks to the RF transceiver it has the ability of wireless communication with the rest of the BusLogic system . This reader uses algorithms that prevent copying of QR codes, it also uses time limits on the usage of tickets and Black Lists to prevent usage of tickets more than once. The Black lists are downloaded through RF communication.

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