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BusLogic ticket sale and ticket control inside the bus is possible in two ways in accordance with the needs of bus operators. For that reason, Bus Logic offers two different systems: the BusLogic Cash Terminal and BusLogic Android System.

BusLogic Cash terminal is used by bus driver and system is stationary in front of the driver, while with BusLogic Android Terminal provides a possibility of selling ticket by a conductor on the go.

BusLogic Android Bus Ticket Sale System


ABTSS - BusLogic Android Bus Ticket Sale System - is a software developed by Bus Logic team in order to answer the request of many bus carriers for non-standard mobile ticket sale inside the bus . Local and intercity lines often bear heavy load of passengers and require the involvement of a conductor who controls passenger boarding and sells tickets during travel. This method enables lines to be on the schedule, boarding of passengers is faster and each ticket is properly issued and charged.

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BusLogic Cash Terminal


BusLogic Cash Terminal (BLCT 2010) consists of two devices: BusLogic Terminal (BLT) and BusLogic Printer (BLP). BLCT is used for selling daily paper tickets, validating monthly contactless cards, reducing credit of pre-paid cards and for the reduction of the number of rides on the trip card.
The BLCT is equipped with a double roll of paper in order to comply to certain legal forms as well as to simplify supervision within the company itself. This also useful since it anticipates tomorrow`s needs in case of fiscalization of bus companies. 

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