BusLogic ticket sale and ticket control inside the bus is possible in two ways in accordance with the needs of bus operators. For that reason, Bus Logic offers two different systems: the BusLogic Cash Terminal and BusLogic Android System.

BusLogic  Driver Console placed in front of the driver is the set of tools for bus ticket cash sales but also the bus pass validation. If the vehicla has more than one selling/checking point, this system unit also has a gateway role providing the real-time  data exchange between the cloud data base and other devices on the bus.

BusLogic Android Bus Ticket Sale System

Driver Console for Fare Collection System

BusLogic Driver Console is built with a carefully chosen Android device that is produced by SUNMI and Android Software which is called "BusLogic Android Ticket Sale Software". This combination of hardware and software is used for issuing and validating a regular passenger ticket, validating the electronic ticket like plastic monthly loyalty cards, QR codes, etc. More details about this device you can find in details.

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