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BusLogic QR Code Reader

BUSLOGIC QR CODE READER - Specially designed QR reader able to operate in a sunny environment (bus stations or platforms in the open). QR Reader is also able to read QR Codes printed on thin thermal paper with low print quality. Thanks to the RF transceiver it has the ability of wireless communication with the rest of the BusLogic system . This reader uses algorithms that prevent copying of QR codes, it also uses time limits on the usage of tickets and Black Lists to prevent usage of tickets more than once. The Black lists are downloaded through RF communication.

One of the QR Barcode applications is its integration with access control systems. Combined with with ramps and turnstiles reader forms a system that controls passenger access to bus stations and platforms . In addition to the basic features of reading QR codes the device has the possibility of reading electronic contactless Mifare cards. That way it enables the use of practically all of the currently available types of bus tickets, in paper form or electronic contactless cards . It is enough for passenger to lean the ticket near the reader, and if its ID passes all required testing QR reader activates the automatic turnstile and gives passengers access to the bus station or platform. QR readers can communicate with the rest of the Bus Logic system and each other through the RF link.



QR Code reading:

Reading Mifare card (ISO14443 Type A).
Communication via RS485 or USB.
Wireless Communications at 433MHz..
Signaling with green and red LEDs.
Audio signalisation.

Electronic features:

¤ Power supply: 5V DC / 300mA minimum.
Possible power supply from PC via USB..

Scan features:

¤ Scans QR codes printed on any paper and any method (read QR codes printed thermal treatment - scal accounts).
The number of scans 4-5 readings per second
Dimensions of the scanned image 188 x 120 dots.
The optimal distance for scanning - to put the bar code near the opening of the device.
It is possible to display the scanned image on the computer in Real-time (in this case, the speed is one image per second).. 


Svetosavska 24
12000, Serbia

+381 (12) 40-37-92
+381 (62) 88-55-414