BusLogic People Counter

BusLogic People Counter - the device consisting of a combination of IR receiver, controlled with microcontroller system, and smart software which performs analysis of the collected data. Among other things, device is intended for passengers flow control (entries and exits) in the buses or dedicate buildings, which provides high reliability passenger pass detection with elimination of errors that may occur due to interference of IR spectrum which comes from sunlight, reflections, etc.

To better clarify the flow of passengers in vehicles, People Counter should be placed on all doors where passengers enter or exit.

System has absolute autonomy in its operation and is independent from existing Ticketing systems. If it works independently system provides information on the number of entries and exits of passengers, with that data it provides accurate information for the frequent city lines about vehicle passenger load independent from the data gathered with Ticketing system.The device can send collected data wirelessly thanks to integrated GPRS communication system.

If People Counter is used in combination with BusLogic Ticketing System device gains full functionality, and besides passenger counting it gives bus carriers more options to control ticket sales in the buses. BusLogic system has real-time insight on the number of the paper-tickets sold on BL cache terminals and also the number of electronic contactless cards checked on card readers. Comparing this data with information of the number of passengers collected by People Counter and in combination with video recordings from cameras inside buses, bus carriers have precise control of the ticket sale in the vehicles.


  • Max power consumption 300W.
  • Working voltage 5-8V.
  • RS485.
  • Option detection and people counting.
  • Ability to determine passenger movement direction.
  • The possibility of simultaneous detection of two peple passing in master-slave mode – two PC's simultaneously operating are needed.
  • Possibile integration with ticketing system developed by APEX Technologies (BusPlus).
  • Option of direct data forwarding to central server through HTTP – using BusLogic GPRS modem.
  • The People counter case is made in accordance with IP54 standard, which enables the device resistance to moisture and dust.
  • For comunication with other electronic systems People Counter uses BusLogic mini coumputer (concentrator) which also enables it integration with the rest of the BusLogic system.
  • Download a brochure.
People Counter