BUSLOGIC FUEL TERMINAL- Fuel dispenser control

Digital Logic, for there existing and new clients, introduce new product that can be integrated with existing software modules or used separately. It is the Digital Logic terminal for internal gas station and that is another product in a series of products that can be recognized by its quality hardware design, complete accompanying software solutions and modern design. The product is intended for users who have in their possession an internal gas station and who want to improve their business with modern system of recording and control of fuel consumption. The software solution is based on the Mifare contactless cards, allowing access control, as well as the accuracy of collecting the necessary data. Connecting ID cards with staff and fleet management is done through the accompanying software solution with limited access, web-based environment, with continuous monitoring and provided maintenance and development of appropriate backup.

The system is developed in a way that guides the user to the next operation to be executed when handling terminal, which greatly makes it easy to use of the work environment. Also, the system allows the basic settings so that the user can customize the system to their needs. With the help of the integrated thermal printer and enabled printing on wide tape, may be allowed a clear written record of each data element. Printing options and layout are fully customizable preferences the user. Various types of views, statements, exploitation card, changes and, if necessary, manual data entry, notices via mail services are provided through a web-oriented work environment, where the administration is specifically defined by specific users. The system allows you to export the collected data in a specific format, in order to import them into various accounting software.


  • Aluminum housing
  • Aluminum numeric keypad
  • Monochrome OLED display of 2.7 inches
  • Thermal printer for thermal tape width 57mm
  • Insulators electrode ring-shaped inner diameter of 12 mm, an outer diameter of 21 mm. The material from which the insulators are made is extremely resistant cured plastic (polypropylene PP). Insulators are positioned at the endpoints of the pipe (electrode) and physically separate them.
  • GPRS communication with the server
  • Work on 24v DC
  • Easy and fast installation, replacement of consumables, simple and understandable manner of use.
  • Projected operating voltage of 3.3V. Recommendation measurements over 1M ohm, where the short-circuit current probe was 3.3 uA.
  • Operating temperature from -30 ° C to + 85 ° C.
BusLogic Fuel terminal

The cards are divided into three different groups of users:

  • Pouring workers (group identification card that the first access terminal enters the initial state, pouring and final states)
  • Drivers (group identification card that accesses the terminal after pouring worker and before execution of further actions for record keeping, pouring to correct certain person)
  • Vehicles (group identification cards that access the terminal after pouring worker and drivers, and prior to the execution of further actions for record keeping, pouring to correct a specific vehicle)
MiFare card for Fuel terminal