Fuel costs control

Fuel costs control is a collection of devices and systems with which it is controlled fuel costs starting from the initial filling of the vehicle to the fuel consumption during vehicle operation. The Fuel costs control include two devices and they are: BusLogic Fuel Terminal - Fuel dispenser control which is set to internal gas station if the company owns one and BusLogic capacitive fuel level meter, which is installed in the vehicle.

BusLogic Fuel terminal-Fuel dispenser control

BusLogic Fuel terminal

BusLogic Fuel terminal is a product that is suitable for users who have in their possession an internal gas station and who want to improve their business with modern system of recording and control of fuel consumption. The software solution is based on the Mifare contactless cards, allowing access control, as well as the accuracy of collecting the necessary data. Connecting identification card with staff and fleet is done through the accompanying software solution with limited access, web-based environment, with continuous monitoring and provided maintenance and development of appropriate backup..

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BusLogic Capacitive Fuel Level Meter

D-Logic Fuel meter

BusLogic Capacitive Fuel Level Meter is designed for capacitive measuring the level of fuel (and other liquids) in tanks, pools, reservoirs and other storage areas.BusLogic capacitive fuel level meter can be used on all types of vehicles, the length of the probe body is flexible as well as all sealing and mounting elements, so that it can be adapted to any type of tank. The body of the probe is made of high quality resistant aluminum alloys in combination with sealing elements made of polypropylene and rubber seals made of oilproff rubber that provide stable operation and high resistance to corrosive operation of fuel and other materials which measurements are taken

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