Fleet management hardware


Fleet management hardware consists of two devices that are used to collect all important parameters related to the vehicle, such as its location, speed, RPM, braking and acceleration index and etc.

These are devices: BusLogic GPS / GPRS - Communication module and DL IO module.

BusLogic GPS/GPRS communication module

GPS modul

BusLogic GPS / GPRS communication module is completely developed and manufactured by D-LOGIC development team. Basic functions of this module are collecting and storing geographic coordinates via GPS and forwarding them to the central D-LOGIC server via GSM / GPRS if a. With the help of this device allows you to view the current position of the vehicle, and the current speed of movement of vehicles, including the forces of acceleration and braking . What this module gives special importance are the hardware and software connectivity with other D-Logic modules...

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DL I/O modul

Telemetrija  IO modul

BusLogic Input / Output module is a device that is used for analogue and digital reading device parameters from vehicle .From all old vehicles (buses and trucks) by analogy can read the data on the current RPM, fuel level in the tank,engine temperature, door position on vehicle, the position of the tipping trailer etc .In addition to analog signals this device supports digital readout of data over the CAN protocol. All data that Blio module obvious, either analog or digitally transmitted to BLGG modules that with the help of GPRS and transmits all stored data to the central server ...

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