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Electronic Ticket Contol
- Bus-pass Equipment -

Electronic cards payment is a set of systems and devices that are used for selling and billing tickets and for electronic card control. This systems allow ticket sales and electronic cards control inside the bus and outside the bus. The systems are adapted to customer needs and can be combined in various ways for better efficiency


Electronic ticket control is a collection systems and devices that can perform complete tickets and cards control of all kinds of cards such as monthly, time, trip, pre-paid cards and other types of electronic wallets. The system represents most advanced concept of cards and passengers control in the vehicle and as such provides greater opportunities in the sale of tickets, as well as the development of different types of cards designed for different groups of passengers. Digital Logic in its production program have complete hardware for electronic cards control with accompanying software solutions, so it is secure to all its customers absolute control over the system of electronic cards

BusLogic Contactless Reader

BusLogic Contactless Reader (BLCR) can have multiple roles and it is made in several versions. We offer two versions - basic, called LITE, which is used solely to identify the drivers, and a FULL version that besides identifying the drivers also reads various types of monthly, pre-paid and post-paid cards.

The BLCR LITE version enables the user to see which driver is currently driving the specified vehicle and which driver drove the vehicle in a specifific period of time which is vital for a variety of reports and analyses per employed driver. The FULL version of this device, with the help of the BLC module, is able to analyze the validity ofeach monthly or prepaid card. It determines whetherthe card is valid or not based on routes the drivers are driving on and the geographical position ofthe vehicle.The FULL version only operates with the support of BLC module and independent operation is not possible. The BLCR LITE can operate without the BLC module and, in that version, is directly connected to the BLM module



Autonomous contactless card reader with light and sound signalization (Lite + Full)
Right policy - capability to compare dates, times, distances, zones and cities in identifcation cards (Full)
Real time clock. (Lite + Full)
Trip Counter (Full)
Pre-paid bus fare card support (Full)
Black list support for up to 262,114 different cards. Black list is update via GPRS (Full)
The ability to connect up to 8 readers in one vehicle (master and slave communication) (Full)
Log of events, memorized even afterthe device is powered down (Lite + Full)
The AT command support for compressed data communication with a GPRS modem, which allows fast GPRS communication at very low cost (Lite + Full)
Robust and ergonomically designed housing (Lite + Full)
Upgradeable firmware over DLM or DLCT via GPRS (Lite + Full)
The device is made of ABS plastic, shock resistant, and etc. The device is Anti vandal (Lite + Full)
Dimensions: 103x168x43 mm (Lite + Full)
RSO certified (Lite + Full)
The device is developed and produced in Serbia by the D-LOGIC team (Lite + Full

BusLogic 7“ Terminal

BUS LOGIC 7 " TERMINAL - is a multifunctional device which, depending on the options selected, may serve as a Reader of contactless cards or Terminal for bus drivers when combined with BL Printer - when it can be used as electronic card reader and device with functionality to sell paper tickets and open bus lines. If it is used exclusively as a reader of contactless NFC and Mifare card, it is essential to be mounted near the entrance/exit of the vehicle, and is primarily used for checkin / checkout of passengers .

Thanks to its 7 " touch screen , this type of reader allows passengers to check-in after choosing the line they want to travel on, allows bus carriers to display information about the lines and display pictures or video advertising . With an intuitive graphical user interface, use of this device is extremely easy for passengers, even if they had no previous experience with similar devices.

The second variant of BL7T terminal gives it the options of terminal for bus drivers, and combined with DL Printer it can be used as cash register for issuing paper tickets within BusLogic Ticketing System . Due to continuous wireless communication with a BusLogic central server all data about open lines, ctickets checked or sold on drivers terminal are available for dispatchers and other control services in real time. For wireless communication device uses GPRS standard without the need for any additional forms of communication, such as WLAN, Bluetooth and so on. This terminal has the ability to download all price list of bus carrier, tax rates , Black list , discount tariff and codebook of bus stations with their exact geographic position

BL7T has the ability to sell one-way tickets , round trip tickets , Tariff tickets with various discounts, replacement tickets, etc. The device can also be used for booking tickets in Booking system, because it can be treated as a separate point of sale that automatically downloads all sales information via the central BL Server and sends back real time data about sold tickets and number of available seats in the vehicle. The device is housed in a rugged enclosure giving space for optional QR Barcode reader , which enables this device to check almost all types of bus tickets . The device is specifically designed to work on the bus and to support large temperature variations and vibrations during the operation



Maximum power consumption 15W.
Operating voltage 24V.
Ergonomic design.
Housing made of ABS plastic.
7 "Capacitive, or optional resistive touch screen, 64K colors.
NFC NDEF support, anb the possibility of Pear2Pear connection to the phone.
QR BarCode Reader.
Ability to connect to BL printers and BL system.
Ability to load the price list, tax rates and codebook of bus stations with their exact geographic position.
Ability to display advertising messages and videos.
Ability to play sound.
QR Code Reader.
Photo sensor. 

Video prezentation:


RFID System 7" Terminal

BusLogic Info-terminal Lite

BusLogic InfoTerminal - device is intended for passenger information on buses and related facilities . Currently D-Logic production line has two variants of BL Info Terminal: Lite version with standard OLED alphanumeric display and control touch panel, and the Pro version with a 7 inch touch screen . Thanks to OLED display Lite version provides clear and readable information even when exposed to direct sunlight or in a brightly environment, and with the intuitive control touch panel users can get all required information by simply leaning electronic ticket/card near the terminal i choosing desired option. This way all the data about card credit, bans and user information is displayed multi-lingual. Pro Version Info terminal presents all its information 7 " touch screen displays all the information about card readings and their customers as well as the line on which the vehicle is currently Withdrawn . One of the advantages of the Pro version info terminal for example the possibility of the alarm and display advertising and other video clips.
Both versions of the terminal are made of resilient and robust housing , specially designed for use in the buses.



OLED display. A new generation display with content visible from all angles with very high contrast.
Reading the cards and NFC tags with NDEF support.
Capacitive touch panel with backlight.
Robust and ergonomically designed housing made of self-extinguishing ABS plastic or polycarbonate.
InfoTerminal displays the information read from the NFC card - the credit state, permits, etc.
Electronics based on 32-bit microcontroller without the need for additional cooling components sensitive to vibration.
The memory provided to store 2 x 1000 + price list. Real-time clock with a separate battery..
Designed for the requirements of a wide range of temperature, vibration and humidity.
Operates on 12/24V.
Online change the firmware of the terminal.
Audio signalisation.. 

BusLogic Contcentration Hub

You can think ofa BLC as a minicomputer for the vehicle. This minicomputer is different because it is based on microcontroller technology – it does not have vibration-sensitive components (such as standard hard drives with moving parts) nor the need for cooling.The BLC is designed for automotive use and accordingly has a wide temperature range as well as resistance to moisture. The BLC has a D-Logic Operating System developed by D-Logic, which allows stability in firmware execution.
BusLogic devices in the vehicle:BusLogic Cash Terminal,BusLogic Contactless Reader,BusLogic GPS/GPRS Module andBusLogic I/O Module.The BLC allows communications between all devices. One ofthe characteristics is the ability to collect the latest software (firmware) upgrades for all BL devices over the BLM module from the central server, and, hence, program them, upgrading their firmware. This allows so-called online update for all devices in the vehicle, which means that any upgrade program can be downloaded in the vehicle while it is in motion at home or abroad

The BLC allows all devices to access the central server via the BLM module.The BLC in vehicles such as buses resolves the entire system of monthly tickets via geographic coordinates. This device can store all information about the codes of stations, their geographical locations, all bus routes and stations within them. According to these information the device transmits data concerning the current bus routes, stations and the direction of vehicle’s motion to the BusLogic Contactless Readers (BLCR) and BusLogic Cache Terminal (BLCT).The BLCT has the ability to automatically change the stations on the specified routes.The BLC also allows automatic operation of monthly ID card without BusLogic Cash Terminal, which means that the monthly ticket system can work without the human factor. Thanks to that, the BLC has the ability to send the names of stations and other information to an external display. .



DLOS D-Logic real time operating system.
Capability to update all BL devices (online software changes made on devices).
Upgradeable operating system and the executable of the BLC via the Internet (Online firmware change).
Supported by a special protocol through which the BLC is able to directly access the server via BLM Module.
Supported by a special protocol through which the BLC is able to get current GPS coordinates from BLM Module.
Supported analysis of GPS coordinates and transmitting processed data to the BLCT and BLCR modules.
Supported communication with the BL l/O module.
Supported communication with BLCT - BusLogic Cash Terminal.
Supported communication with BLCR - BusLogic Contactless Reader.
RS485 RJ45 modem connector.
RJ45 RS485 connector.
RJ45 RSz32/RS485 Display Connector.
Operating voltage of 12V-30v.
Protection against voltage greater than 30V
Operating temperature from -30° C to +85° C.
D-LOGIC housing made out of self-extinguishing ABS plastic.
RSO certified.
The device developed and produced in Serbia by the BUS LOGIC team

Devices for Bus-pass issuing

For a successful process of issuing monthly tickets in BusLogic system for monthly tickets,we used a combination of several different devices.Some devices are standardized as for example the computer while some devices are products of D-Logic. Devices that are used are as follows: computer, scanner, printer Id (PVC card printer ), IP cameras, D- Logic Card programmer, D-Logic thermal printer.

Regarding the use of standardized devices such as computer, scanner, ID printer and IP cameras can be used devices from different manufacturers with appropriate performance and features, that are necessary for the smooth operation of the system for issuing monthly tickets. D-Logic team from his experiences recommends HP scanners, Zebra or Evolis ID printers, Axion Ip camera.

As for the device from the D-Logic products in the process of issuing monthly tickets, we use D-Logic thermal printer and D-Logic Card programmer.

D-Logic thermal printer that is used in process of issuing monthly tickets, is the same thermal printer that is used for BusLogic Cash terminal or BusLogic Counter modul. D-Logic Thermal printer with wide thermal roll in process of issuing monthly tickets is used to print details of monthly tickets, relations, expiration date and all other necessary information.

D-Logic Card programmer is device that provides the user with the ability to self and simple programming RFID card with time and place restrictions. Accompanying software allows nine different options for determining the limit for a single RFID card, which provides the ability to define specific criteria for access. Using the D-Logic Card Programmer, the user is allowed to perform the programming of all kind of electronic wallet, monthly tickets, time, pre-paid and trip cards.As an additional measure of safety when programming cards with D-Logic Card programmer, user must have system administrator Id card and programming cards without this system administrator ID card is not possible



Device for programming and control reading of contactless cards.
Possibility of programming all kinds of monthly, time, pre-paid, trip and other cards as well as electronic wallets.
Defining access restrictions (time and place restrictions).
The possibility of defining the system administrator ID card that activates device.
Work autonomy- up to 8 hours without power.
Power supply 220V
RS232 port for connection to PC and RS485 port for connecting to external devices.
D-Logic software for programming parameters of RFID Mifare card.
Supported operating systems: Microsoft® Windows™, Linux®.


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