Devices for issuing monthly tickets

For a successful process of issuing monthly tickets in BusLogic system for monthly tickets,we used a combination of several different devices.Some devices are standardized as for example the computer while some devices are products of D-Logic. Devices that are used are as follows: computer, scanner, printer Id (PVC card printer ), IP cameras, D- Logic Card programmer, D-Logic thermal printer.

Regarding the use of standardized devices such as computer, scanner, ID printer and IP cameras can be used devices from different manufacturers with appropriate performance and features, that are necessary for the smooth operation of the system for issuing monthly tickets. D-Logic team from his experiences recommends HP scanners, Zebra or Evolis ID printers, Axion Ip camera.

As for the device from the D-Logic products in the process of issuing monthly tickets, we use D-Logic thermal printer and D-Logic Card programmer.

D-Logic thermal printer that is used in process of issuing monthly tickets, is the same thermal printer that is used for BusLogic Cash terminal or BusLogic Counter modul. D-Logic Thermal printer with wide thermal roll in process of issuing monthly tickets is used to print details of monthly tickets, relations, expiration date and all other necessary information.

D-Logic Card programmer is device that provides the user with the ability to self and simple programming RFID card with time and place restrictions. Accompanying software allows nine different options for determining the limit for a single RFID card, which provides the ability to define specific criteria for access. Using the D-Logic Card Programmer, the user is allowed to perform the programming of all kind of electronic wallet, monthly tickets, time, pre-paid and trip cards.As an additional measure of safety when programming cards with D-Logic Card programmer, user must have system administrator Id card and programming cards without this system administrator ID card is not possible


  • Device for programming and control reading of contactless cards.
  • Possibility of programming all kinds of monthly, time, pre-paid, trip and other cards as well as electronic wallets.
  • Defining access restrictions (time and place restrictions).
  • The possibility of defining the system administrator ID card that activates device.
  • Work autonomy- up to 8 hours without power.
  • Power supply 220V
  • RS232 port for connection to PC and RS485 port for connecting to external devices.
  • D-Logic software for programming parameters of RFID Mifare card.
  • Supported operating systems: Microsoft® Windows™, Linux®.
D-Logic Card programmer