BusLogic Infoterminal Lite

BusLogic InfoTerminal - device is intended for passenger information on buses and related facilities . Currently D-Logic production line has two variants of BL Info Terminal: Lite version with standard OLED alphanumeric display and control touch panel, and the Pro version with a 7 inch touch screen . Thanks to OLED display Lite version provides clear and readable information even when exposed to direct sunlight or in a brightly environment, and with the intuitive control touch panel users can get all required information by simply leaning electronic ticket/card near the terminal i choosing desired option. This way all the data about card credit, bans and user information is displayed multi-lingual. Pro Version Info terminal presents all its information 7 " touch screen displays all the information about card readings and their customers as well as the line on which the vehicle is currently Withdrawn . One of the advantages of the Pro version info terminal for example the possibility of the alarm and display advertising and other video clips.

Both versions of the terminal are made of resilient and robust housing , specially designed for use in the buses.


  • OLED display. A new generation display with content visible from all angles with very high contrast.
  • Reading the cards and NFC tags with NDEF support.
  • Capacitive touch panel with backlight.
  • Robust and ergonomically designed housing made of self-extinguishing ABS plastic or polycarbonate.
  • InfoTerminal displays the information read from the NFC card - the credit state, permits, etc.
  • Electronics based on 32-bit microcontroller without the need for additional cooling components sensitive to vibration.
  • The memory provided to store 2 x 1000 + price list. Real-time clock with a separate battery..
  • Designed for the requirements of a wide range of temperature, vibration and humidity.
  • Operates on 12/24V.
  • Online change the firmware of the terminal.
  • Audio signalisation..
Info terminal for buses