BusLogic Contactless Reader

BusLogic Contactless Reader (BLCR) can have multiple roles and it is made in several versions. We offer two versions - basic, called LITE, which is used solely to identify the drivers, and a FULL version that besides identifying the drivers also reads various types of monthly, pre-paid and post-paid cards.

The BLCR LITE version enables the user to see which driver is currently driving the specified vehicle and which driver drove the vehicle in a specifific period of time which is vital for a variety of reports and analyses per employed driver. The FULL version of this device, with the help of the BLC module, is able to analyze the validity ofeach monthly or prepaid card. It determines whetherthe card is valid or not based on routes the drivers are driving on and the geographical position ofthe vehicle.The FULL version only operates with the support of BLC module and independent operation is not possible. The BLCR LITE can operate without the BLC module and, in that version, is directly connected to the BLM module


  • Autonomous contactless card reader with light and sound signalization (Lite + Full)
  • Right policy - capability to compare dates, times, distances, zones and cities in identifcation cards (Full)
  • Real time clock. (Lite + Full)
  • Trip Counter (Full)
  • Pre-paid bus fare card support (Full)
  • Black list support for up to 262,114 different cards. Black list is update via GPRS (Full)
  • The ability to connect up to 8 readers in one vehicle (master and slave communication) (Full)
  • Log of events, memorized even afterthe device is powered down (Lite + Full)
  • The AT command support for compressed data communication with a GPRS modem, which allows fast GPRS communication at very low cost (Lite + Full)
  • Robust and ergonomically designed housing (Lite + Full)
  • Upgradeable firmware over DLM or DLCT via GPRS (Lite + Full)
  • The device is made of ABS plastic, shock resistant, and etc. The device is Anti vandal (Lite + Full)
  • Dimensions: 103x168x43 mm (Lite + Full)
  • RSO certified (Lite + Full)
  • The device is developed and produced in Serbia by the D-LOGIC team (Lite + Full)
Contactless Reader