BusLogic 7“ Terminal

BUS LOGIC 7 " TERMINAL - is a multifunctional device which, depending on the options selected, may serve as a Reader of contactless cards or Terminal for bus drivers when combined with BL Printer - when it can be used as electronic card reader and device with functionality to sell paper tickets and open bus lines. If it is used exclusively as a reader of contactless NFC and Mifare card, it is essential to be mounted near the entrance/exit of the vehicle, and is primarily used for checkin / checkout of passengers .

Thanks to its 7 " touch screen , this type of reader allows passengers to check-in after choosing the line they want to travel on, allows bus carriers to display information about the lines and display pictures or video advertising . With an intuitive graphical user interface, use of this device is extremely easy for passengers, even if they had no previous experience with similar devices.

The second variant of BL7T terminal gives it the options of terminal for bus drivers, and combined with DL Printer it can be used as cash register for issuing paper tickets within BusLogic Ticketing System . Due to continuous wireless communication with a BusLogic central server all data about open lines, ctickets checked or sold on drivers terminal are available for dispatchers and other control services in real time. For wireless communication device uses GPRS standard without the need for any additional forms of communication, such as WLAN, Bluetooth and so on. This terminal has the ability to download all price list of bus carrier, tax rates , Black list , discount tariff and codebook of bus stations with their exact geographic position

BL7T has the ability to sell one-way tickets , round trip tickets , Tariff tickets with various discounts, replacement tickets, etc. The device can also be used for booking tickets in Booking system, because it can be treated as a separate point of sale that automatically downloads all sales information via the central BL Server and sends back real time data about sold tickets and number of available seats in the vehicle. The device is housed in a rugged enclosure giving space for optional QR Barcode reader , which enables this device to check almost all types of bus tickets . The device is specifically designed to work on the bus and to support large temperature variations and vibrations during the operation

  • Maximum power consumption 15W.
  • Operating voltage 24V.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Housing made of ABS plastic.
  • 7 "Capacitive, or optional resistive touch screen, 64K colors.
  • NFC NDEF support, anb the possibility of Pear2Pear connection to the phone.
  • QR BarCode Reader.
  • Ability to connect to BL printers and BL system.
  • Ability to load the price list, tax rates and codebook of bus stations with their exact geographic position.
  • Ability to display advertising messages and videos.
  • Ability to play sound.
  • QR Code Reader.
  • G-Sensor.
  • E-Compass.
  • RS485.
  • TCP-IP.
  • CAN.
  • USB.
  • Photo sensor.
BusLogic 7 inch NFC terminal

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