BusLogic Android Booking

BLAB - BusLogic Android Booking - application created based on the needs of bus companies engaged in transportation of passengers in international traffic , using international bus lines. BLAB downloads all the data from the BL central server and contains a list of all passengers and their personal data ( name , surname , passport number , phone number , etc. ) . In addition to the list of passengers BLAB contains specication of occupied seats , and also which passenger occupies which seat. Application can also read printed Barcode using built in camera, not only from BusLogic designed tickets but also from tickets sold by other carriers or various agencies participating in the system of ticket sales . That way it registers arrived passengers and veries correctness of their tickets.

BLAB can sell tickets directly on the bus for all vacant seats, entering the personal data of customers which remain recorded on a central server , enabling other sale participants to have full insight into sale details . In this way, the complete system is working in the so-called ONLINE mode , which eliminates the possibility of duplicating of seats sold in the vehicle . BLAB can sell taried ticket or ticket with discount , as well it can issue return tickets with or without return date ( open ticket ) . Printing tickets is done via Bluetooth technology and the mobile printer located on the bus.

Printing format is A4 and the printer can use pre-printed tickets for international routes, in which the data is subsequently printed from the application. These tickets are usually perforated and have more clips.

For the purposes of Customs and Border services BLAB can print a complete list of passengers with passport numbers as well as other passengers lists required for crossing international borders.


Software specification:

Download data from the central server via GPRS or WLAN communication (price lists, lines, prices with exceptions, other information ) .
Driver log on to the system using the MIFARE personalized ID cards.
Selection of the line , selection of oered time of sale and travel direction before the ticket sales.
Entry of Garage number of vehicles , number of travel orders and initial mileage before selling the tickets (optional). This is used in dispatching realisation and processing of travel orders.
Selection of a start and end station when selling a tickets for specific relation.
Selection of tarrifs -discounts before selling o the ticket.
Ability to issue return tickets printed on two clips .
Entering additional information for a specific tarrif - line. These data are usually: students legitimation number , the number of insurance certicates , identity card number , etc.
View of all the seats with names of passengers, the status of tickets checked on the bus, or if the ticket was sold at the counter info about passenger checking: at the entrance to the vehicle (by driver ) or not.
Entering personal information about the traveler when selling or booking tickets.
Converting reservations created outside of the bus in the sale, and payment for tickets sold..
Checking tickets sold outside of the vehicle (agencies, counter) via Bar code, and inspection of the tickets.
Print the ticket in A4 paper format and pre-printed tickets with the help of mobile A4 printer.
Constant communication with central BL server and exchange of data, sold or reserved tickets. 

Mobile App specification:

Android software platform, at least version 3.0.
Built-in Bluetooth.
Ability to use WLAN, GPS and GPRS connection.
Higher capacity battery that provides the possibility of working all day with energy-intensive options like Bluetooth, GPRS and so on.
Factory Built-in support for NFC (Near Field Communication) standard, which allows the reading of contactless Mifare card - for drivers or passengers.
Display of not less than four inches (4 ").
Recommended device by DLOGIC team: LG P760 Optimus L9 with 

Mobile printer basic specification:

Compact size.
Higher capacity battery, which ensures that the user can print a sucient number of cards during the all day usage.
Support for Bluetooth standard, it is necessary to communicate and establish a connection with the ticket sale terminal.
The possibility of detection and feedback about the printed ticket, opened lid, state of battery and so on.
Recommended device by D-LOGIC team: HP Ocejet 100 Mobile Printer 


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